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"Manufacturer of over-sized, eco-unfriendly vehicles designed for heavy-duty commercial use but mostly driven by soccer moms and drug dealers in busy city centers."
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Brute (BAWSAQ: BRU) is an American automobile and heavy machinery manufacturer in the HD Universe, the player can buy stocks from then at the website in GTA V.


It may be based on GMC, as GMC makes medium to heavy-duty trucks and chassis. Several Brute vehicles appear to be based on the Declasse Burrito, implying that Brute and Declasse are corporate cousins, much like Chevrolet (which Declasse is based) and GMC. It holds stocks on BAWSAQ, meaning it is possibly one of the most wealthy automobile/heavy machinery manufacturers. Brute means someone or something that acts aggressively, hinting at heavy machinery, which are usually strong. Brute also manufactures the oil derricks which can be found in the Murrieta Oil Field in GTA V. It also manufactures lower deck loaders and farming equipment that are uncontrollable/functional.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes

The Alphamail in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Alphamail Delivery step van GMC/Chevrolet Step Van Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars exclusive.

The Ambulance in Grand Theft Auto V.

Ambulance Ambulance GMC 3500 Cab

The Boxville in Grand Theft Auto V.

Boxville Delivery Truck GMC/Chevrolet Step Van Includes the Mr. Tasty, Taco Van, Alphamail.

The Bus in Grand Theft Auto IV. Bus-GTAV-front The Bus in Grand Theft Auto V.

Bus City Bus New Flyer D40HF/New Flyer D901 A variant called the Airport Service Bus is an exclusive in GTA V.

The Camper in Grand Theft Auto V.

Camper Class C motorhome GMC 3500 Cab Front-wheel drive unlike other Brute Burrito based vans.

The Dashound in Grand Theft Auto V.

Dashound Coach bus MCI Renaissance E4500 GTA V exclusive.

The Enforcer in Grand Theft Auto V.

Enforcer Armored NOOSE vehicle International 4700 Series

The Police Riot in Grand Theft Auto V.

Police Riot Large armored van Lenco Bear GTA V exclusive.

The Pony in Grand Theft Auto V.

Pony Van GMC Vandura

The Stockade in Grand Theft Auto V.

Stockade Armored Truck 1989-2001 International 4000 Series Includes the Enforcer, Police Stockade and Securicar.

The Tour Bus in Grand Theft Auto V.

Tour Bus Tourist Van LA City Tours Bus Can take a tour around Los Santos. GTA V exclusive.

The Utility Truck in Grand Theft Auto V.

Utility Truck Large service truck Similar front to Stockade. GTA V exclusive.



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