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A Bug in GTA 1.

The Bug is a small beetle-like car that appears in nearly all early GTA games up to Grand Theft Auto III, including:



Based largely on the real life Volkswagen Beetle in both name and design, the Bug is depicted in all its appearances as a largely undesirable car, being unattractive in design and performing poorly as a road going vehicle.


In GTA 1 and GTA 2, the Bug possesses average cornering helped largely by its below average acceleration and speed, making it a poor vehicle of choice for timed missions and chases. For GTA London 1969, however, the Bug features better performance, with average top speed and acceleration; GTA 2 also improves over the performance of previous Bugs by making the game's Bug more nimble and more responsive in cornering, although its speed is still considerably underwhelming.

Rewards when Crushed or Exported

When exported in good condition GTA 1, the Bug awards the player a base payment of $200 in Liberty City and Vice City, but only $100 in San Andreas. Similarly, the Bug in GTA London may be exported for a base amount of £200 if delivered in mint condition. When crushed in GTA 2, the Bug gives the player a Machine Gun in both districts.


The Bug is present in nearly all classical GTA games, appearing in all three cities in GTA 1 (Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas), and in the GTA London 1969 mission pack. For GTA 2, the Bug only appears in the Downtown and Residential districts of Anywhere City.

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