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{{infobox business||image = BUGSTARS.png
{{infobox business||image = BUGSTARS.png
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|caption =

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Bugstars Pest Control is a fumigation company in Grand Theft Auto V, based in Los Santos. Their motto is "Putting the FU in fumigate", FU being an abbreviation of "Fuck You". Bugstar's telephone number is 1-999-BUGSTAR.

A Bugstars van can be seen in the GTA V preview trailer, used as the getaway/drop-off vehicle in a robbery.


  • The slogan "Bug-R-Us" is written on the back of the van, which is a reference to "Toys-R-Us", an American toy company. It is also humourously reading "Bugger Us", which is British English slang for "sodomise us".
  • In the Bugstars artwork, where according to the trailerall three protagonists attacked the jewelery store, there are just two of them.
  • The name "Bugstar" might be a reference to Rockstar, as in Rockstar Games.
  • Bugstar is also the name of Rockstar's internal bug tracking system.


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