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Bugstars Pest Control is a fumigation company in Grand Theft Auto V, based in Los Santos. It has an office and warehouse on Signal Street, in Elysian Island. Their motto is "Putting the FU in fumigate", FU being an abbreviation of "Fuck You". Bugstar's telephone number is 1-999-BUGSTAR, as seen in the company's vans.

While stealing one of their vans for the jewelry store heist, it is implied the company has both low ethical standards and is fraudulent: employees discuss dropping bug eggs at random houses so as to create infestations they can charge to clear, while another makes sure to pack condoms "just in case."


  • A Bugstars Burrito can be seen in the GTA V preview trailer, used as the getaway/drop-off vehicle in a robbery
  • The slogan "Bug-R-Us" is written on the back of the van, which is a reference to "Toys-R-Us", an American toy company. It is also humorously reading "Bugger Us", which is English slang for "sodomise us".
  • In the Bugstars artwork, where according to the trailerall three protagonists attacked the jewelery store, there are just two of them.
  • The name "Bugstar" might be a reference to Rockstar, as in Rockstar Games.
  • Bugstar is also the name of Rockstar's internal bug tracking system.
  • On the van it says "It's a Bug's Death" which is possibly a reference to the Disney film, A Bug's Life.


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