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"People who fuck with me get fucked with..."
Vladimir Glebov

Bull in a China Shop is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov to collect some past due protection money. It introduces the systems of taxi riding and throwing objects.

Plot and Walkthrough

Opening Scene

After receiving a phone call from Vlad to work for him, Niko meets Vlad at the Comrades Bar over on Mohawk Ave (across the street from the Hove Beach safehouse). During a cutscene, Niko and Vlad converse. Vlad, despite repeated insults, actually seems to like Niko, and trusts him enough to send him out on a mission. Vlad asks Niko to deal with a china shop owner who owes Vlad protection money. Vlad asks Niko to not hurt the man, but to get the money. Vlad offers Niko a baseball bat to intimidate the shop owner, but Niko declines the weapon, arguing that he has other ways of going about it.

Scaring the shop owner

Go to the shop.
Waypoint: J J China Limited, along Huntington Street in Cerveza Heights, Dukes

After the cutscene, the player will head over to the China shop in Cerveza Heights, located on Huntington Street. The mission offers the player the opportunity to take a taxi ride instead (with a Taxi appropriately appearing in front of the player), but the player can also drive there on their own. When the player arrives at the yellow marker, the door is locked and the owner is refusing to pay.

Find something to throw through the shop window.
Throw the object through the window to show the owner you're serious.

Find something to throw through the shop window. The object can be found in a small yard on Thornton Street. The player may throw the brick through one of the store windows, or shoot at them with any weapon, or simply smash it with Niko's fist.

Another way to scare the shop owner is not to go into the yellow marker when the player gets there, instead go to the other side of the street. Take out a gun and shoot one of the windows beside the door. The player can also crash a vehicle into the window, use fists, etc. Note that not going into the yellow marker will change the cutscene where the shop owner exits the store (and the player won't get the thrown objects tutorial).

Closing Scene

Take the money back to Vlad.
Waypoint: Comrades Bar, along Mohawk Avenue in Hove Beach, Broker

The owner will soon agree to pay out in fear. Niko then takes the money to Vlad who is in the Comrades Bar. The GPS will, once again, get the player to the location easily. Vlad will reveal that the shop owner is dealing in illegal businesses back in the East of Asia, when he states: "Stupid jerk made a mistake telling me how much he gets that shit for back east. He's the biggest crook in the whole neighborhood. Luckily I don't tell his customers what they're paying for."


Bull in a China Shop
Pre-Mission Phonecall
Vladimir Glebov calls Niko Bellic.
Vladimir Glebov Yokel, fatty Roman's cousin, it's Vlad.
Niko Bellic Vlad? Name doesn't ring any bells. I'm sorry.
Vladimir Glebov You better start remembering important people you dumb peasant. Your cousin owes me a lot of money. If you don't want to make things real difficult for him you're going to come to Comrades Bar on Mohawk. I have a work for you.

Cutscene 1
Niko Bellic enters the bar and meets Vladimir Glebov. Vladimir Glebov asks Niko Bellic to collect money from a shop owner and Niko Bellic leaves.
Mel Ah, fuck you! You're a bunch of pussies and fags!
Mickey Nice.
Mel I'm going back to the meetings.
Mickey Good.
Mel I'm going to be somebody!
Mickey Yeah, yeah. See you later, Mel.
Mel You always were an asshole, Mickey...
Mickey Hey! Watch where you're going.
Niko Bellic Hey!
Mel Hey...
Mickey I tried to tell ya.
Mel Fuck you...
Niko Bellic Excuse me.
Vladimir Glebov So, Ivan - I see you later, okay? Yokel... fatty Roman's cousin... what's your name again?
Niko Bellic Big mouth prick.
Vladimir Glebov Very catchy, sit down Cousin... Niko... that's it, Niko... not big mouth prick. You funny guy.
Niko Bellic I try.
Vladimir Glebov Yes... and this once, I let you take the shit out of me.
Niko Bellic Take the shit?
Vladimir Glebov Yes, mickey about.
Niko Bellic I don't understand.
Vladimir Glebov People who fuck with me get fucked with!
Niko Bellic Okay, fine. Calm down.
Vladimir Glebov Whatever, some old man not paid me in months, and I'm not kind of person who is treated this way. Old bastard owns a china shop on Camden Avenue in Dukes. Here you go... Don't hurt him. Just teach him a lesson.
Niko Bellic I don't need a bat to teach a lesson.

Cutscene 2
Niko Bellic arrives at the shop, and was refused entry.
Niko Bellic Hey, let me in. You owe Vlad protection money, old man.
Shop Owner Big Vlad and his protection money, I so scared. What I need protection from?
Niko Bellic You think this door is going to save your shop? There's shit I can break out here.
Shop Owner Vlad should pay me to tell punks like you to go away. He get no money.

Cutscene 3
Niko Bellic smashes the shop window.
Shop Owner Stop it shit brain. I pay up now, I pay up.
The shop owner pays up.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Shop Owner Here's your money. I hope you and Vlad choke on it.
Niko Bellic Sure, whatever.
Shop Owner Shit. Here. I thought Vlad and I had understanding?
Niko Bellic Only thing I understood was you owed him money.

Cutscene 4
Niko Bellic returns to the bar and returns the money to Vladimir Glebov.
Vladimir Glebov Hey yokel, you manage to do the job? Get Vlad his money?
Niko Bellic He paid up. I had to smash the shop up pretty good, but he paid.
Vladimir Glebov Don't worry your little peasant head about it. Stupid jerk made a mistake of telling me how much he gets that shit for back east. He's the biggest crook in the neighborhood. Lucky I don't tell his customers what they're paying for.
Niko Bellic That it? Can I go now?
Vladimir Glebov Sure, get out of my face.

Post-Mission Phonecall
Roman Bellic calls Niko Bellic.
Roman Bellic Niko, how you doing? This is so much fun.
Niko Bellic You know Roman, I haven't been having too much fun since I got here. Has been a lot like hard work.
Roman Bellic Well, you should hang out with your cousin more often.
Niko Bellic Maybe that is the problem.
Roman Bellic Ha ha. I'm sitting here with Brucie. Well, we're sitting here and calling the cops and watching them show up and look around. The fucking stupid bastards.
Niko Bellic You shouldn't cry wolf, Roman. Who knows when you really need help.
Roman Bellic Fuck, I think they see us. Have to go, Niko.

Fail Cutscenes & Dialogues
The shop owner is dead.
Niko Bellic calls Vladimir Glebov.
Niko Bellic Vlad, I scared the old man too much. He's dead.
Vladimir Glebov Stupid peasant, think about it. Dead men can't pay me money. Now your cousin going to have to owe me for this as well.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 8 - Bull in a China Shop (1080p)05:07

GTA 4 - Mission 8 - Bull in a China Shop (1080p)


  • The shop is accessible by either jumping through the door, or through the window (bug - PS3)
  • The Korean writings in the shop contain grammatical errors, which makes them difficult to interpret.
  • The mission's name comes from the phrase "Like a bull in a china shop", meaning a clumsy or careless person. It can also be used to describe recklessness, highlighted by Niko throwing a brick through the shop's window.
  • The mission's opening cutscene marks the introduction of two minor characters that may appear as random characters later in the storyline: Mel, who leaves the bar drunk, and Ivan Bytchkov, who is also seen leaving after ending a meeting with Vlad.   
  • If the player breaks the shop's window before going to the marker, the shop owner will have different dialogue in the game.
  • The in-game tutorial explains how to hail and use taxis to get around town, but using a cab in this mission is completely optional.
  • The PS3 version contains a variation of the recurring "disappearing vehicle glitch" - after breaking the shop window, whatever vehicle the player arrived in will vanish, forcing them to jack another vehicle or take a cab to return to Vlad.
  • If one attempts to throw a pop can at the window in the PS3 version, the can will disappear and do nothing. Use one of the bricks located about a half block away from the store (behind as the player faces the storefront).
  • If the player succeeds in entering the shop through jumping through the window and walk forward into the shop, there is a risk of going into Blue Hell, sometimes Niko will fall and will respawn outside the shop. 
  • After the starting cutscene, two taxis will appear in front of the player, giving the player the ability to take cabs.
  • If the player throws a grenade to the window, it will break but the grenade will not explode.
  • The shop's door appears to be working incorrectly, when the shop owner runs outside the door will only be half open, but when the owner shoud "Shit Brain" or "Crazy Man" the door will suddenly become full open. When the shop owner gives the player Vlad's owned money the shop door become closed.


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