Bullet Bus & Coach Line Logo

Bullet Bus & Coach Line is a bus company, which operates in Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and Liberty City, during the events of the respective games. The logo for the company is a bullet next to the company's name on a coach.

Liberty City

Bullet started operating in Liberty City at some point before 1998 during the events of GTA: Liberty City Stories. They were still operating in 2001 during the events of GTA: III. Their coaches can be found at the bus depot in Trenton.

Vice City

GTAVC Whippet Express Coach and Bullet Bus & Coach Line Route Map

GTA:VC Whippet Express Coach and Bullet Bus & Coach Line Route Map

To earn $5 bonus per passenger boarding at bus stops marked with signs on poles, the protagonist can operate either a Bullet Bus & Coach Line or a Whippet Express Coach along either the West Island M1 or East Island M2 route (miniature route map pictured at right.) Hint: Stop with sign between wheel and door for quickest boarding. Passengers can board anywhere, but must contact the bus stop sign before boarding. There need not be passengers standing in line behind the bus stop sign pole, any NPC wandering nearby is likely to board and pay the $5 bonus fare, and there is no penalty for waiting any length of time at a stop for stragglers. When the player operates the bus, passengers do not disembark. When NPC operates three passengers often disembark from both sides.

Bullet started operating in Vice City some time between 1984 and 1986. Their buses were not present during the events of GTA: Vice City Stories, but operating during GTA: Vice City.

San Andreas

Bullet was servicing the San Andreas state cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas as of 1992 and the events of GTA: San Andreas.


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