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Logo of Bunch of Tools.

Bunch of Tools is a hardware store that also acts as a weapons store in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The store is located in Vice Point, Vice City, close to two construction sites. The store was not open in 1984, but had opened by 1986. Tommy Vercetti can purchase various tools from the store, which he uses as weapons. Tommy Vercetti must also rob the store, in order to gain 100% completion for GTA Vice City. In addition to regular hardware tools, Bunch of Tools curiously sells items with seemingly little value to construction projects, including machetes. If the player chooses to attack the clerk, the store's alarm will sound and police will soon arrive.

Weapons for Purchase

Tool Price
Screwdriver $10
Hammer $20
Meat Cleaver $50
Baseball Bat $80
Machete $100


  • In the window there is a reference to MC Hammer, There is a sign saying "Need a job done? ITS HAMMER TIME!".
  • The name of the store is a slang term for a group of undesirable people.


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