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A Burger Off stand

Burger Off is a small restaurant chain featured in Vice City in 1984. The chain is a small time affair with only two locations; a restaurant in Little Havana and a stand in the Vice Point fairground. However, the player is unable to actually buy anything at either location. 

The name is a play on the phrase 'bugger off' and is yet another example of Rockstar's humor. The Burger Off restaurant is found next to the Stonewall J's gun store. A Sprunk vending machine can be seen next to the stand in the fairground providing drinks to accompany Burger Off meals. This may be a business move by the company saving them from having to provide drinks or simply conincidence.  


  • Burger Off is likely outcompleted by larger chains explaining why it operates on such a small scale. Or it may simply be an emerging business still establishing itself.
  • The restaurant's absence in GTA Vice City, set two years later, may indicate that the tiny chain has been acquired, or maybe even evolved into the emerging Burger Shot and rebranded.


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