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Burlesque is a one-way diagonal thoroughfare that runs six blocks from Manganese Street to Garnet Street.


Location Type Road Direction
Star Junction Road begin

Manganese Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Union Drive East
Road crossing

Lorimar Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue & West Way
Road crossing

Denver-Exeter Avenue & Kunzite Street s/b toward Garnet Street
e/b toward Algonquin Bridge & Bismarck Avenue
w/b toward Union Drive West
The Triangle Road crossing

Jade Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
Road crossing

Iron Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue
Road crossing

Hematite Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Leaper's Bridge
w/b toward Union Drive West
Suffolk Road end

Garnet Street e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Castle Drive & Union Drive West


It is most famous for intersecting with Denver-Exeter Avenue forming Star Junction, one of the biggest tourist spots in the city. The street is meant to emulate "Broadway" which is also a diagonal street that intersects in "Times Square" in New York.


Notable Businesses


  • The street is named after the literary genre of Burlesque, which is based on caricaturing serious issues and ridiculing their subjects - a style most Grand Theft Auto games heavily employ.


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