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The Burrito is a van which appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA Vice City — Vice City Stories

The Burrito is widely considered to be the best van in the GTA III generation of games. Its powerful engine (gas in VC and VCS; diesel in SA) grant it moderately good speed and acceleration, its sporty suspension leads to stable handling, steering and braking, and its bulky body gives it good endurance. It can carry four people, making it useful when bringing allies to a fight, although it's large frame can make it any easy target for gunfire. It is also fun to drive, with independent rear suspension that makes drifting easy and often causes the rear inside wheel to lift off the ground for some stylish showboating.

The GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Vice City Stories renditions resemble a 1986-1992 Dodge Ram Van, similar to the GTA III Rumpo (the Rumpo remained available in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, but took on a new design). The GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas Burritos are available with or without a spoiler and roof-mounted lights; these features are standard on all Burritos in GTA Vice City Stories. The Burrito in GTA Vice City Stories features two-tone body colors, unlike the other renditions.

GTA IV — GTA Chinatown Wars

The Burrito is reintroduced in GTA IV in a redesigned form, bearing a Declasse brand. It resembles a 1996-2002 Chevrolet Express from the front, with a significantly altered grille design; the sides are primarily derived from the third-generation Chevrolet Van (the creases on the sides have been wrongly interpreted as seams), with some of the more modern styling of the Express; the rear is also derived from the third-generation
File:Burrito badges.png
Chevrolet Van, apart from the taillights, which resemble those of the Dodge Ram Van. The standard Burrito no longer features the sporty accessories; in GTA IV, these are seen only on the Gang Burrito. Companies which use the Burrito include T. Watt and Sons Electricians, Spin on This Laundromat, LibEl and Pharte Gas.

The GTA IV Burrito has degraded performance; it is not as fast as previous renditions, and, although its extra mass allows it to withstand more damage, this gives it poor acceleration. Nonetheless, the Burrito is the fastest vehicle in the "van" class, reaching a top speed of 151 mph (244 km/h).

The Burrito in GTA Chinatown Wars appears to be based to an extent on Burrito in GTA IV, with a utilitarian appearance and a similarly poor performance. However, the van lacks a roof rack, and its color scheme appear more diverse, with some featuring company liveries encompassing the entire body of the vehicle, including FlyUS, Sprunk, Eris, Burger Shot and Ranch.

There is a bulletproof, explosionproof, fireproof, and damageproof Spanish Lords Burrito located at the Spanish Lords' warehouse which Huang raids during the mission Kenny Strikes Back. In order to get it, the player must park a bike very next to the gate and jump diagonally so the player can jump into the warehouse without playing the lock smashing minigame. Inside the warehouse, the Spanish Lords will not shoot you even if you attack. Enter the password and disable the immobilizer and you got it. However, playing the lock smashing game when the vehicle is already being used by the player, the Burrito lose its armor. If put it in the garage, it will lose the damageproof, fireproof, and explosionproof effects, only the bulletproof effect is retained. The only way to destroy it is to drive into the water or turn it upside-down. Note that this Burrito only spawns when the player finishes Kenny Strikes Back. If you do this several times and go back to do the mission normally, getting the non-bulletproof van will result in disabling an immobilizer instead of using a screwdriver.


In the Grand Theft Auto V trailer 1, a redesigned Burrito appears, being used in a robbery. Its sides and rear are strongly reminiscent of a 1996 Chevrolet Van, while the tail lights are reminiscent of a Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana, much like the Speedo. However, the front of the van is not shown in the trailer. In recently released artwork, the front of the van is also shown, also assuming a Speedo-type design.


Gang Burrito

GTA Vice City and The Lost and Damned

Main article: Gang Burrito

a Gang Burrito in The Lost and Damned.

The Burrito is adopted as a gang vehicle in both GTA Vice City and The Lost and Damned. Known as the Gang Burrito, the variant features additional modifications, including unique accessories and custom paintjobs. The TLAD Gang Burrito also reintroduces certain sporty accessories omitted during the development of the Burrito in GTA IV.

GTA Chinatown Wars

The Burrito in GTA Chinatown Wars may also appear in the form of gang-owned drug vans, known simply as "Burritos", which appear on the streets of respectable gang territories (except the Triads) upon completion of "Carpe Dime". Four types of the vans may also appear during "Excess Delivery" submissions.

The gang Burritos are closely associated with the Drug Dealing side quest in the game, being used as transport to smuggle drugs hidden in cubby-holes on the door; after "Carpe Dime", players may steal one from the streets, drive a to a secluded safehouse, and check for drugs, before they are finally allowed to store the van in a garage. The vans are actually similar in performance to a conventional Burrito, but they can do burnouts and appear with unique gang colors and accessories, similar to those seen on their other gang cars; the Midtown Gang's Burrito is the only Burrito which is smaller than other forms of Burritos. There is also a pink-and-white Algonquin Triads variant of the Burrito, but the van is unavailable normally, and must be spawned using a garage editor. The Triads Burrito is the same with all drug Burritos, but it has side skirts and a taller profile similar to that of the Rumpo.

Of interesting note is the Angels of Death's Burrito: if the player manages to hijack one, it will be called an Angel, rather than Burrito. This is most probably a glitch, and every AOD Burrito has this glitch.

Yellow Burrito


The unique yellow Burrito in GTA San Andreas acquired from "Mike Toreno".

A Burrito with a unique yellow paintjob can be acquired in GTA San Andreas. To obtain it, start the mission "Mike Toreno" and get to the point where T-Bone and Mike start shooting at the van. Their bullets will not damage the van, allowing the player time to acquire a Tow Truck/Tractor. Once the player obtains one, they can kill T-Bone or Mike, failing the mission, and leaving the vehicle free to be towed to the nearest garage.


Main article: Laundromat (van)

A special model of the Burrito in GTA IV, dubbed the Laundromat, is used by the Laundromat owner who attempts to escape from Niko in Vlad's mission Hung Out to Dry. If the player goes around the back of the Laundromat during the mission, it can be stolen and saved at a safehouse. It also appears in Meltdown. It is merely a Burrito without the standard roof rack, and with "Monthly Cycle Laundromat" markings.

Brown and yellow Burrito

In GTA Chinatown Wars, players may acquire a unique brown and yellow Burrito from Melanie Mallard, by having her killed in one of her missions.



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