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Carcer Way, One of several present streets in the neighborhood.

Burton is a small affluent shopping district located in southern Rockford Hills, Los Santos. It is bordered by Downtown Los Santos to the south, Hawick to the east, Vinewood to the west, and the rest of Rockford Hills to the north.



Area of Burton on the map.

Burton, unlike the rest of Rockford Hills, is primarily meant for shopping. The Rockford Plaza shopping centre is located in Burton. There is also a Los Santos Transit station located nearby allowing easy access to the plaza. The plaza itself contains many businesses such as Cluckin' Bell.

Even though Burton is mostly for buying high-end items, half of the Rockford Hills City Hall is located in Burton, towards the southeast. The rest of Burton is mainly just shops and businesses.

Events of GTA V

During Doting Dad, Tracey will ask Michael to stop by the Cluckin' Bell found on Rockford Plaza.


Burton is based on Beverly Grove and its name comes from Burton Way, the main highway that runs through the district (which in turn is what Abe Milton Parkway is based on).

Notable Residents


Burton is provided transport by the Los Santos Transit in the form of the Burton Station. It is strategically placed right in front of Rockford Plaza, helping wealthy people go from a long day of shopping to their fancy homes in Rockford Hills.

Roads and Streets

Places of Interest



  • Burton was also the last name of Mr. Burton, the gym coach in another Rockstar game, Bully or Corey Burton, the voice actor.
  • Most likely, Burton got its name from the last name of the late rapper Dolla, (full name being Roderick Anthony Burton II) who got shot in Beverly Center, the real life counterpart of the Rockford Plaza, which is in Beverly Grove.


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