Business Man Cleared of all Charges Returns to Liberty City is a Liberty Tree article, written by Jayne Kwiatowski and published on February 1, 2001. The article is on Barry Harcross.


The man they tried to destroy, Barry Harcross, has returned to the US now that all charges have been dropped and has come home, to Liberty City. You may recall how back in 1997, the FBI falsely accused Mr. Harcross of laundering money for the mob in his construction business, of importing more than flowers from his Colombian office, and of doing a whole host of other crimes too slanderous to mention here. Luckily, after large tracts of evidence were deemed inadmissible, and three key witnesses decided against lying in court, all charges were dropped. After leaving the country briefly, Mr. Harcross has returned from his South American sojourn keen to put the past behind. He told The Liberty Tree "Thanks for believing in me, Liberty City. I want to get on with my life. These allegations were nonsense, and I want to do what I do best, bringing jobs and investment to our great city." Apparently, Mr Harcross wants to begin by buying the city's most respected newspaper and online news service. Good luck, sir! We wish you well.

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