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Street musician (GTA4)

A busker playing the saxophone in Grand Theft Auto IV

Buskers are street performers that perform in public places for money. Often considered an afterthought, such pedestrians were only introduced late in the Grand Theft Auto series, featuring in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.



A screenshot, showing a busker in Middle Park.


Buskers debuted in Grand Theft Auto IV in the form of saxophone-playing street musicians commonly spotted in affluent portions of Liberty City in Broker, Dukes and Algonquin, mostly in various parks, subway stations and waterfronts, as well as stages of the Superstar Café.

Evidently having only a saxophone as a music instrument, the Busker will only play songs that may also be heard on the Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 radio station. In most of his appearances, the busker is depicted with a buttoned up brown trench coat, and his music can easily be heard within hearing distance, a hint he is near the player. Most buskers also wear occasionally a hat depicting he may be poorer than others by how worn out it is.

The busker has the voice and likeness of Walter Houser, father of Rockstar Games executives Sam and Dan Houser.

There were originally buskers in Grand Theft Auto III. They were cut during development, however they still exist in the game files.

Buskers in GTA III.


When standing close to a busker, the player has the option of giving him $10, restoring the player's health and receiving an expression of gratitude from the busker, in the form of a simple "thank you". However, should the player push the busker, he may stop playing, drop his music instrument and respond unfavorably to the player. Running past a busker in close proximity will also force him to drop his saxophone and walk away. Unlike many minor items dropped by pedestrians, the player cannot pick up a busker's dropped saxophone.


After giving the busker $10 multiple times, the player will eventually receive the instrumental ringtone "St. Thomas" for their mobile phone. This is one of the songs the busker plays and is also featured on the radio station Jazz Nation Radio 108.5.

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