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CARS (IPL Section)

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CARS (IPL section)
Supported games:GTA SA, GTA IV
Short description:Creates a parked car generator
IPL Sections:

CARS is a section in the Item Placement file introduced in San Andreas. This section is a simplified method to create parked cars. Usually parked cars are created by the scripts, but just as unique stunt jumps they can be written inside plain text or binary IPLs. Since parked car generators are related to savegames[1] a new game must be started before they are applied to the game. It is possible to create parked car generators without starting a new game using CLEO[2].


CARS or parked car generators are used to place permanently, randomly or limited cars which are placed (parked) around the world. For this they need a position, a rotation, information about which car should be placed, the car's colors and some additional information.

San Andreas

PosX, PosY, PosZ, Angle, CarID, PrimCol, SecCol, ForceSpawn, Alarm, DoorLock, Unknown1, Unknown2
Identifier Description
PosX, PosY, PosZ
The real world coordinates of the car as floating point values.
The angle of the car in radians (degrees/~57.2958).
The ID number of the car as defined in the IDE or -1 for random car parks (influenced by the popcycle.dat file)
PrimCol, SecCol
A car color defined in the carcols.dat file. If it is set to -1 the color will be randomly choosed.
Vehicles spawn more reliably if this is set to 1.
The probability of triggering the alarm system (0 - 100).
The probability that the doors of the vehicle is locked (0 - 100).
Unknown1, Unknown2
Unknown (Zero).

Binary format

CARS is one of the known sections which can be used in binary format inside streaming IPLs. For detailed information about the format see the format specification in the supposed article.


Info This page requires more research.



  • 014B – Creates a parked car generator in SCM
  • 014C – Sets the flags for the parked car generator.
  • 09E2 – Creates a parked car generator where the car has a special numplate text.
  • 0A17 – Sets a parked car generator as owned by the player

Native functions


SA Car generators in save files
SA Creating a parked car generator via scripts.
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