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[[Category:Characters in GTA 1|Cabot]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA 1|Cabot]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]

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What possibly was Cabot in GTA 1 during Gangsta Bang ending.

Cabot is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto 1. Cabot is a shady character who has been known to backstab people. During one mission, where the protagonist assists Pablo Vercotti in performing a diamond bank robbery, which was a fix by Cabot. Cabot also later appears in a mission for El Burro, where he once again double crosses El Burro and the protagonist. There are people looking for Cabot, who is eventually killed by the protagonist. His name is possibly a reference to Joe Cabot from the film Reservoir Dogs, who masterminded a failed diamond heist similar to the one in the game.

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