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Martin: "Some people...they no longer fear me as much as they used to. People who were close to me. My cousin...Apparently, he is thinking about testifiying against me."
Michael: "So have him killed."
Martin: "I'm going to...By you."
Martin Madrazo, instructing Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips

Caida Libre is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Martin Madrazo to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips.


Michael and Trevor are summoned to Madrazo's house in La Fuente Blanca, where Madrazo has a job for them. Madrazo's cousin Javier is going to testify against Madrazo; Madrazo wants Javier killed and sensitive documents retrieved. 

The player takes control of Michael. Michael drives to the Galileo Observatory where Madrazo has left a black Burrito with a heavy rifle mounted in the rear. Michael must use the rifle to shoot down the Air EMU Shamal carrying Javier into Los Santos Airport. The rifle uses a unique display that places a red square before the jet, showing the location where Michael must shoot in order to hit the aircraft. The Shamal first appears in the upper left-hand quadrant of the rifle's display, then crosses left to right towards the airport. Michael must shoot the jet three times before it lands.

Once the aircraft has been damaged, the player is switched to Trevor. Using a Sanchez, Trevor chases the descending and smoking jet from the Galileo Observatory through Great ChaparralHarmony and Sandy Shores. While the player has some freedom over what path to use, the pursuit does feature at least one jump that Trevor must successfully make in order to keep up with the plane. Once the aircraft crashes, Trevor must kill Javier and retrieve the sensitive documents contained onboard the Shamal.

After Trevor has obtained the documents, the player is switched once again to Michael. Michael takes the van from the area surrounding Galileo Observatory, then destroys the vehicle. Afterwards, Michael starts to return to La Fuente Blanca in order to meet up with Trevor and give the documents to Madrazo. However, Michael receives a phone call from Trevor revealing that he has other ideas. Trevor asks Michael to meet him instead at Stoner Sandworks, north of La Fuente Blanca along Senora Road. Trevor arrives soon after Michael. Trevor states that he went to discuss payment with Madrazo, which led to an argument. Trevor then opens the trunk of his vehicle to reveal he has kidnapped Madrazo's wife Patricia. With Patricia in tow, Michael and Trevor leave the sandworks and go into hiding.


Michael can use Trevor's trailer as a safehouse.

Both Michael and Trevor get exiled from Los Santos. Trying to go within the city boundaries will cause endless waves of members of the Madrazo Cartel to hunt them down until they retreat to Blaine County again.


Mission objectives

  • Go to the observatory. - (Michael)
  • Get in the van. - (Michael)
  • Shoot the plane's engine. - (Michael)
  • Follow the plane and get the package. - (Trevor)
  • Silence Javier. - (Trevor)
  • Go inside the plane. - (Trevor)
  • Leave the area. - (Michael)
  • Destroy the van. - (Michael)
  • Go to Martin's house. - (Michael)
  • Meet Trevor at the cement works. - (Michael)

Gold Medal Objetives

  • Floor It - Reach top speed on the Sanchez
  • Glued to the Seat - Don't fall off the Sanchez during the chase
  • One Two Three - Shoot down the plane with 3 shots only
  • Mission Time - Complete the mission in 9:45 minutes



  • "Caida Libre" is Spanish for "free fall".
  • In the beta Franklin was supposed to fill Trevor's role, confirmed by a screenshot.
  • Originally, this mission was going to be called "Vinewood Babylon".
  • When Michael shoots out the Shamal's engine, the pilot alerts the control tower that he believes the situation is caused by a bird-strike. This percieved emergency would have been similar to US Airways Flight 1549. In 2009, the flight struck Canadian Geese shortly after take-off from New York, causing engine failure and forcing the pilot to land the plane safely on the Hudson River.    


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