Calcium Street is a 7 block street in Downtown Algonquin. The street travels West - East through the districts of City Hall and Chinatown.


Location Type Road Direction
City Hall Road begin

Union Drive West n/b toward Ivy Drive North & Wardite Street
s/b toward Denver Avenue & South Parkway
Road crossing

Liberty Lane n/b toward Feldspar Street
Road crossing

Denver Avenue n/b toward Garnet Street
s/b toward South Parkway & Union Drive West
Chinatown Road crossing

Columbus Avenue n/b toward Iron Street
s/b toward South Parkway
Road crossing

Amsterdam Lane n/b toward Diamond Street
s/b toward Amethyst Street
Road crossing

Bismarck Avenue n/b toward Emerald Street
s/b toward Flatfish Place & South Parkway
Road crossing

Albany Avenue n/b toward San Juan Road, Topaz Street & Union Drive East
s/b toward South Parkway
Fishmarket South Road end

Borlock Road n/b toward Feldspar Street
s/b toward Barium Street


The street begins at the intersection with the Union Drive West in City Hall and travels Northeast. The street then intersects Liberty Lane and Denver Avenue. Calcium Street then continues further east. The street now intersects with Columbus Avenue as it enters the Chinatown district. The street traverses further east through Chinatown, intersecting Amsterdam Lane, Bismarck Avenue, Albany Avenue and finally terminates at the Borlock Road intersection. The street is based on Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City.


Notable Landmarks

Notable Businesses


  • The street's name is a reference to the element known as Calcium