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Love: "The guy has a lot of people canvassing for him, all kinds of deluded 'people' people, if you know what I mean. I think we have to have their faith in democracy shaken, if you understand me."
Toni: "What you mean is that I gotta go beat the crap out of them."
Love: "Hahaha! Your passion, Antonio, is magnificent!"
Donald Love tells Toni Cipriani to deal with O'Donovan's supporters

Cam-Pain is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Donald Love from Donald Love's apartment in the Torrington, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Donald Love's apartment building in Torrington, telling Love that they need to win the election. Love informs Toni that Miles O'Donovan has various people campaigning for him, so Toni decides to kill all of them, but only has four hours (four real time minutes). The first two campaigners are located on top of the AMCo. HQ building. Toni kills both of them, along with the security, and moves on to a second group opposite Belleville Park. More security from the first location chase Toni, who gets to the second location and kills the campaigners there. Toni then moves to Liberty Campus, killing a final group of campaigners.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Kill the opposition campaign workers
  • These campaigners are dealt with. Take out the next set
  • These campaigners are dealt with. Take out the next set




The reward for completing the mission is $1,500. The mission Friggin' the Riggin' is unlocked.

Video walkthrough

PS2 Version
GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 38 - Cam-Pain04:55

GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 38 - Cam-Pain


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