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A camera is a device used to capture images, either as still photographs or as sequences of moving images (film or video). It appears in various Grand Theft Auto games.


3D Universe

The first Grand Theft Auto game to feature an interactable camera was Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, although the player could only use it in one mission. Tourists are seen with cameras, even though when the player kills them, they can't pick up the camera.

The device was also available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, albeit with more functionality, allowing Carl to use it freely. It can be used in San Fierro to collect snapshots, which is required to achieve 100% completion. The camera has a capacity of 36 pictures per film, and pictures taken can be saved. If the player recruits a gang member, the player can give the camera to him by walking up to him and pulling the left trigger. After that, the game is viewed through the perspective of the gang member and pictures of CJ can be taken. The player can also aim the camera at a girlfriend and CJ will say something related to photo-shooting and she will wave. If you aim the camera at a gang member, CJ will say something like he says to his girlfriend, but the gang member will not respond or wave unless the player has recruited him.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the camera is only obtained in particular missions. However, unlike GTA Vice City, the camera can be kept in the player's inventory for the remainder of the game. In GTA LCS, one can get a camera by doing the Tourist missions and when the same have access, steal it.

HD Universe

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko Bellic's phone is equipped with a Whiz camera phone during the mission Photo Shoot. The camera is used in certain missions where a picture is required. Outside of missions, snapshots can be taken, but there is no way of saving them. Accessing the camera function of the phone when in a train or cable car allows for first-person view inside these vehicles (something missing in the standard views). In a player-controlled vehicle; however, the car will stop immediately when the camera is selected, no matter what speed (this glitch was fixed in the PC version). In some tourist spot like Firefly Projects, some pedestrians are seen using the camera. When they drop the camera, the player can pick it, but are still unable to use it (instead the player can throw it like other objects). In The Ballad Of Gay Tony, in the first club management mission at Maisonette 9, where Luis Fernando Lopez have to save Clay Jackson from paparazzi, the paparazzi are using cameras with a different design to that of GTA IV (obviously long-range lens). Although they can't be used by the player, they can be picked up and thrown like other objects. 

In Grand Theft Auto V, the regular SLR camera model is used by few NPCs, notably Beverly Felton in the Paparazzo strangers and freaks missions. Franklin actually gets to use the item once, during the mission Paparazzo - The Sex Tape. For the remainder of the game, the camera is replaced by the Snapmatic app on smartphone. In the mission Casing the Jewel Store, Lester gives Michael a pair of glasses fitted with a camera, to study Vangelico's vents and security systems, which can't be used outside of missions.

Prominent appearances in missions

GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Vice City Stories


The Lost and Damned


GTA Online




Camera's locations map

Los Santos

San Fierro



  • Aside from capturing a screenshot of the game, the camera also stops nearby vehicles, and temporarily slows down speeches (as they were heard on the slow-motion cheats of the game)
  • TBOGT is the only game that doesn't have a mission featuring the camera but still features the camera itself.
  • "Hipster Filter" function can be found on the screen of GTA V's camera model.

GTA San Andreas

  • In the player can immediately switch to third-person view whilst the screen flashes. This can be done by hitting both mouse buttons simultaneously (PC), allowing the gamer to take a brief photo of CJ.
  • If one looks closely at the camera, its lens slightly resembles an eye.
  • if the player is walking with a camera in the hand and one starts tapping the aim button while walking, CJ will suddenly stop and will be stuck in the walking position. He will be floating in mid air with both his legs bent, as if he is in the middle of his walking animation, but he won't be moving. To start moving again, one should let go of the analog stick and CJ's stance will return back to normal.
  • There is a glitch that if one accidentally fall or get pushed off of a boat and fall into water while aiming with the camera, the player can swim while still in aim mode. He/she can even dive in the water (but it lasts only 2 seconds and he/she can't really move underwater), although the player can't take photos while in the water, and releasing the aim button will permanently stop the glitch until starting it again. It is unknown if it works on any platform other than PC.
  • During the final cutscene of The Green Sabre, when C.R.A.S.H. drops CJ off in Whetstone, the camera Officer Pulaski gives to CJ is a different model to the one in the game. It's white with a detachable flash, and the lens is wider, yet shorter and more detailed than the in-game model.
  • If the player has the camera in hand, and enters the Hunter or Hydra and enters first-person view, the HUD will be that of the camera.
    • This can make aiming with the vehicle's weapons easier as it gives the player a square in the middle of the screen which works as a makeshift sight.
  • NPCs can be found taking pictures of certain places or landmarks (e.g. World's Largest Cock). If the player attacks an NPC that is holding a camera, the NPC will begin taking pictures of the player. This is because the camera is defined as a weapon in the game's handling files, and taking a picture is technically "firing" it.
  • There is a suicidal photographer in the south part of a trailer park in Flint Intersection, appearing as a random pedestrian. When the player approaches the pedestrian, he will take photos of the skyline and then walk away into the water, drowning in the process.
  • If the player tries to take a picture while he is on the Tram, the player will fall into Blue Hell for few seconds before the game teleports the player back to the world.
  • If the player has recruited some gang members, they can walk up to one of the members and ask for him to take CJ's photo. The camera will then be stuck in one position (because a gang member is holding it) and CJ can walk around wherever he wants. Once you feel like you're in the right position, press the fire button and the gang member will take the photo and it will be added to the player's gallery.
  • In the 10th anniversary edition, the picture gallery featured was removed completely.


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