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Flag of Canada.svg
Anthem"O Canada"
Largest city Toronto
Official language(s) English, French
Demonym Canadian, Canuck (informal)
 -  Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Establishment 1867
 -   estimate 34,982,000 
Currency Canadian dollar

Grand Theft Auto games in Canada arrive typically around the same day as copies released to the United States.

Canada is currently home to one Rockstar studio, Rockstar Toronto. They helped make the PC version of GTA IV & EFLC. There once was a Rockstar studio in Vancouver, but it merged with Toronto in 2012. Rockstar Vancouver was known for games such as Bully & the Max Payne series.

References in the Grand Theft Auto series

GTA Vice City
  • During an interview on VCPR, insane evangelist Pastor Richards complains that "our newspapers are run by Canadians with an agenda".
Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Roman Bellic lists "scared Canadians" as one of the many types of females to hit on in Liberty City.
  • In the game stats, in the "Miles Traveled" statistic, Liberty City to Canada can show up to demonstrate how long you traveled.
  • Some pedestrians mention the cities of Montreal and Toronto.
Grand Theft Auto V
  • There's a Canadian flag at the Los Santos Country Club, along with the flags of Russia, the United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico, Japan and the United States.
  • While he rarely speaks about it, the protagonist Trevor Philips was born and raised in Canada, and is quite self-conscious and insecure about his upbringings. He gets quite upset when people comment on his apparent accent. This is what caused several of his rampages after being mocked and insulted by the various residents of San Andreas, including the Vagos, violent hipsters, and even the military. Notably, Trevor says "Eh" a lot, which is a common stereotype of Canadian accents.
  • On when the player scores bad on the American Patriotism test a message appears reading "If you hate America so much go live in France, part of it is in Canada. Or vote for Jock Cranley and turn your life around now." Referring to the French-speaking province of Quebec and spoofing the blinkered world views of Conservatives.
  • In GTA Online Merryweather's website lists Canada as "Like Australia but with snow." Possibly meaning Merryweather operates in Canada with the Canadian Armed Forces, and various Canadian police agencies, such as the RCMP.

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