The Cane is one of the many melee weapons in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Also, although specifically listed as a gift by the game's system files (occupying the Other slot along with weapons such as the flowers), the cane cannot be given to anyone, and cannot be used as anything more than an accessory or a weapon. The cane also appears in Grand Theft Auto III, in cutscenes only when Asuka Kasen is seen torturing Miguel during a couple of the final missions of the game. A similar weapon called the Gaff Hook appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The cane is the most common melee weapon found in GTA San Andreas, with as many as 17 spawning locations.

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Cane's locations map

Los Santos

A cane spawns in 3 locations in Los Santos:

San Fierro

A cane spawns in 8 locations in San Fierro:

  • In the Hashbury district, at the top of the staircase behind the Hippy Shopper located northwest of the Hashbury Safehouse.
  • In the Ocean Flats district (4)
    • In front of the condominium facing east, just south of the cathedral
    • At the top of the staircase to the townhouse on the southwest corner of the intersection directly north of the main building of Avispa Country Club
    • In the back yard of the blue townhouse on the western edge of Ocean Flats, directly west of the cathedral.
    • In the back yard of the turquoise townhouse with the flat roof on the northwestern edge of Ocean Flats, southwest of Wheel Arch Angels.
  • In front of City Hall, to the right of the main entrance on the building's east side.
  • In the Santa Flora district, outside the front doors of San Fierro Medical Center, near the passenger loading area, and to the left of the ramp.
  • In the Financial district, caddy-corner to the Big Pointy Building, to the right of the entrance to the Victim location.

Las Venturas

A cane spawns in 4 locations in Las Venturas:

  • In the Pilgrim district, outside the front door of the main building of the large Pacific Island-styled motel.
  • In the Emerald Isle district, on the eastern edge of the casino's main building, next to a service entrance.
  • In the Prickle Pine district (2)

Flint County

A cane spawns in 2 locations in Flint County:

Characters using canes