Cape Catfish is a small, unincorporated fishing settlement in Blaine County, located on San Andreas' eastern coast. It is located southeast of El Gordo Lighthouse and Catfish View, and just north of the Humane Labs and Research chemical facility. A dirt road leads into the settlement which is mainly a fishing dock and a small business with homes scattered around.



Cape Catfish on the map.

Cape Catfish is the smallest settlement in Grand Theft Auto V, right after the tiny encampment of Dignity Village. The tiny little oceanside hamlet consists of a medium-sized shack with junk lying around along with a few houses scattered about. There is a tool shed on the southern side of the hamlet filled with some fishing equipment and a canoe. In the eastern side of Cape Catfish is a small dock where the locals go to fish. Cape Catfish is a quiet area due to its isolation, being far away from any official road. Even though the locals are well-secluded, there will sometimes be a Gang Attack in Cape Catfish.

Events of GTA V

During the mission Monkey Business, Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, Dave Norton and Steve Haines meet in Cape Catfish at sunset to plan the break-in operation inside the Humane Labs and Research facility. After planning the operation, Michael, Steve and Dave leave the settlement in a Dinghy, heading for the bay where the labs are located.


  • The name could be derived from Cape Cod, as a catfish and a cod are both a type of fish.
  • It could also be derived from Cap-Chat, a town in Quebec, Canada.