Capital Boulevard is a street in Los Santos featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It stretches from El Rancho Boulevard, El Burro Heights in the east to Strawberry Avenue, Strawberry in the northwest. The street has connections to Popular Street, Little Bighorn Avenue, Davis Avenue and Crusade Road, and crosses over the Elysian Fields Freeway and Los Santos Storm Drain.


The boulevard runs mainly through industrial areas in East Los Santos and smaller businesses in northeast South Los Santos. The main hospitals of East and South Los Santos and a Los Santos Fire Department station are located on this street. Capital Boulevard is likely based on Olympic Boulevard, in Los Angeles.

Places of Interest


  • AGL Refrigerated Storage Inc. (corner of Little Bighorn Avenue)
  • Bert's Tool Supply Co. (corner of Crusade Road)
  • L.T. Weld Supply Co.
  • Panache Laundering (corner of Little Bighorn Avenue)
  • RON filling station (corner of El Rancho Boulevard)
  • San An Diner
  • Stacey's Flower Emporium
  • Tits and Bobs
  • Xero filling station (corner of Strawberry Avenue)