Car-azy Car Give Away is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It involves protagonist Toni Cipriani collecting sixteen cars and delivering them to Love Media's garage in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, and Liberty City. The mission is triggered at the garage by stepping over the rotating "i" icon by the garage door.


Vehicle Reward
Banshee $4,000
BF Injection $3,000
Deimos SP $5,000
Faggio $500
Freeway $2,000
Hellenbach GT $3,000
Infernus $5,000
Landstalker $3,000
Manana $1,000
Patriot $4,000
PCJ-600 $3,000
Phobos VT $5,000
Hearse $500
Sentinel $4,000
Thunder Rodd $4,000
V8 Ghost $5,000

Video Walkthrough

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Car-Azy Give Away (Love Media Import-Export)14:37

GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile - Car-Azy Give Away (Love Media Import-Export)


  • When retrieving requested vehicles from Portland (such as the BF Injection or Thunder-Rodd), it is recommended to travel to Staunton Island via the Ferry, as vehicles can sometimes be damaged when driving over the ramp on the Callahan Bridge.


The reward for completing the Car-azy Car Give Away is $52,000. A V8 Ghost and a PCJ-600 will also appear parked in a garage outside the Staunton Island Safehouse in Newport, Staunton Island.

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