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Car-azy Car Give Away is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Car-azy Car Give Away involves protagonist Toni Cipriani collecting sixteen cars and delivering them to Love Media's garage in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City. The mission is triggered at the garage by stepping over the rotating "i" icon by the garage door.


Vehicle Reward
Banshee $4,000
BF Injection $3,000
Deimos SP $5,000
Faggio $500
Freeway $2,000
Hellenbach GT $3,000
Infernus $5,000
Landstalker $3,000
Manana $1,000
Patriot $4,000
PCJ-600 $3,000
Phobos VT $5,000
Hearse $500
Sentinel $4,000
Thunder Rodd $4,000
V8 Ghost $5,000


The reward for completing the Car-azy Car Give Away is $52,000. A V8 Ghost and a PCJ-600 also appear parked in a garage outside the Staunton Island Safehouse in Newport, Staunton Island.


  • Many of the vehicles on the list can usually be found driving in front of the garage, while others, such as the BF Injection and Thunder Rodd, will require a trip to Portland to find. Although it is now possible to drive across the Callahan Bridge, there are obstacles placed on the bridge - such as surprisingly sturdy traffic cones - that can cause damage to the vehicle (and vehicles have to be brought to Love Media relatively undamaged). To avoid this, using the ferry is the best option.
  • Several of the vehicles are extremely hard to find on Staunton Island or Portland, but are more common on Shoreside Vale; therefore it may not be possible to complete this side mission until the third region is unlocked.

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