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A Car Bomb is an explosive device placed in a car to be detonated.

3D Universe

Car bombs are purchased through bomb shops.


There are three types of car bombs.

  • Engine Ignition Detonation

The player has to arm the bomb while in a car. When anyone enters the car, the bomb will immediately detonate.

  • Eight-Second Time Delay Detonation

The player has to arm the bomb and wait eight seconds for the bomb to detonate.

  • Remote Detonation

The bomb is remotely detonated using a Detonator.

In Grand Theft Auto Advance, it is used as a weapon and the player needs to place the car bomb in the car himself.



8-Ball's Bomb Shop

GTA Vice City

8-Ball's Bomb Shop

GTA Advance

Unnamed Bomb Shop

Unknown Bomb Shop This bomb shop's name is unreadable.

Video Shop

GTA San Andreas

8-Ball's Bomb Shop

Welding & Weddings

GTA Liberty City Stories

8-Ball's Bomb Shop

GTA Vice City Stories

8-Ball's Bomb Shop

When a car bomb explodes in the 3D Universe games, the wanted level is not awarded or revived.


Car Bomb GTA IV

A planted car bomb in GTA IV

Car bombs in GTA IV are first encountered in the Gerald McReary mission Actions Speak Louder than Words wherethey are used to destroy a fuel depot. Car bombs in GTA IV can later be obtained through Patrick McReary as a friend special option, which will unlock the "Dial B for Bomb" achievement/trophy. They will be delivered to the player's general location and the player can place the bombs beneath cars, buses and light vans only. The bombs are remote detonated through calling Packie on the cell phone and selecting Detonate. Sticky Bombs from The Ballad of Gay Tony are a very good alternative as they can stick to cars and are detonated with the down button on the D-Pad (though they will auto-activate if unactivated for a minute).


Niko putting a car bomb in mission Actions Speak Louder than Words

GTA Chinatown Wars


Fitting a car bomb in the iPad rendition of GTA Chinatown Wars.

Not to be confused with Proximity Mines, which also affect vehicles with explosions, car bombs, which are introduced in the mission Operation Northwood, can be fitted at a garage in North Holland. Upon entry, the touch screen will show a picture of the car's engine, which you then must place the bomb onto and wire it up. The bombs cost $500, as in previous iterations. Once placed in the car, the detonator symbol will appear in the PDA. This can be activated at any time, both in-vehicle and out, and will instantly destroy the car and any others or pedestrians surrounding it.

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