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:''Not to be confused with [[Carbine Rifles]], a heist setup in [[GTA V]].''
{{Infobox weapon
|name = Carbine Rifle
|image = CarbineRifle-GTA4.png
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto III|GTA III]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City|GTA Vice City]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas|GTA San Andreas]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories|GTA Liberty City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories|GTA Vice City Stories]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]] <small>(and its episodes)</small><br>[[Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars|GTA Chinatown Wars]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto V|GTA V]]<br>[[Grand Theft Auto Online|GTA Online]]
|slot = Assault Rifle
|damage = High
|weight = Medium
|ammo = {{*}} 60 rounds <small>(GTA III)</small><br>{{*}} 30 rounds <small>(VC, LCS, VCS, GTA IV)</small><br>{{*}} 50 rounds <small>(SA & CW)</small><br>{{*}} 30 rounds ''(60 w/ Extended Clip)'' <small>(GTA V)</small>
|sold in = [[Ammu-Nation]]<br>[[Underground Gun Shops]] <small>(IV)</small>
|price =$5000 <small>(VC, GTA III, IV)</small><br>$4500 <small>(SA)</small><br>|caption = The Carbine Rifle in [[Grand Theft Auto IV|GTA IV]]|Unlocked After = [[Arms Shortage]] <small>(GTA III)</small><br>[[Rub Out]] <small>(GTA Vice City)</small><br>[[Yay Ka-Boom-Boom]] <small>(GTA San Andreas)</small><br>[[Three Leaf Clover]] <small>(GTA IV)</small><br>[[The Jewel Store Job]] <small>(GTA V)</small>}}
The '''Carbine Rifle''', in its different variants; the '''M4''', '''M16''', '''AR-15''', '''Colt 733''' and the '''HK416''', is a rifle that has been featured in every [[GTA games|GTA game]] since [[Grand Theft Auto III]], except [[Grand Theft Auto Advance]]. It is useful in almost any situation, boasting accuracy, power and magazine capacity. Throughout the games, the models differ slightly, along with zoom capability, rate of fire, and power.
==Design and Performance==
===3D Universe===
GTA III's rendition resembles the Armalite AR-10. This version differs from any other variant for how powerful it is: Featuring an exceptionally high rate of fire and an unrealistic 60 round magazine, it is always a one shot kill against any enemy in any part of the body and can easily destroy most vehicles with a few bursts, making it arguably the most powerful firearm in the game. One might even compare it to the [[minigun]] or the [[M-60]] in later games. Yet, despite its power, the Carbine Rifle in GTA III suffers from a huge and hardly controllable recoil, therefore not replacing the [[Sniper Rifle]] at long range combat. Like the [[AK-47]], a headshot with the carbine rifle will behead the target and releases a massive amount of splattering blood on the ground, preventing the target from being revived by paramedics.
Vice City's rifle is modeled after the Colt 733, but called 'M4' in-game (Which is historically inaccurate, as the M4 was not introduced until 1994). Originally, the beta featured an assault rifle that resembled an M16A2, but it was later replaced by the current model. It also appears to have an aftermarket crane stock.  The beta rifle's model can still be found in the game files and can be seen in the [[Introduction (GTA VC)|intro cutscene]]. It's a much less powerful rifle than it's GTA III predecessor, and despite still being a one-shot kill at most occasions, it now features a slower rate of fire and a realistic 30-round magazine. The recoil is also much lower this time around, making it useful for more precise shots.
San Andreas reuses the model from Vice City, again called 'M4' in-game (And again inaccurate since the game is set in 1992). This version has a low rate of fire that is unusual for the rifle, but it is still highly effective as a weapon. It has a 50-round STANAG magazine. In the mission [[Stowaway]], a government agent is shown holding a camouflaged Colt M16A1. This however, is never available to use in-game.
In Liberty City Stories, it is truly modeled after the M4A1 and named M4 correctly. The rifle mostly remains the same since San Andreas, only having an increased rate of fire and slightly more power this time around. 
Vice City Stories features a rifle resembling a M16A1, named 'Assault Rifle' in-game. It uses the same model from the previously mentioned San Andreas mission Stowaway, sans the camouflage. [[Lance Vance]] mentions an M4 during a mission, which is an anachronism. It functions just as the Liberty City Stories version.
===HD Universe===
GTA IV features a rifle based on the Colt M4A1, titled 'Carbine Rifle' in-game. This version is accurate both in timeline and overall features, including accurate weapon specs such as rate of fire, magazine size and appearance. Interestingly, the carry handle has been replaced with a pica-tinny rail alongside an aftermarket drum sight mounted to it. It has the longest range of any non-sniper weapon in the game. It has "Property Of Liberty City Arms" stamped where the magazine release is normally found, probably a reference to the "Property Of U.S. Govt" stamped on its real-life counterpart. Performance wise, the Carbine Rifle is stellar. Accuracy and fire rate are both high, along with damage. It is highly effective in close to mid range, with accuracy dropping off at long range. Accuracy is even higher when crouched, allowing the player to fire it on fully automatic while being able to reliably hit targets.
GTA Chinatown's rendition is difficult to identify, but it is has a full stock and long barrel, and the triangular hand guard as seen on the [[HUD]] suggests it is based on the Colt M16A1. It has tremendous power and a fifty round magazine.
The '''Carbine Rifle''' returns in Grand Theft Auto V, this time seemingly inspired by the [ LR-300] assault rifle or most likely the [ Heckler and Koch HK416] . This rifle is unlocked for purchase after the first heist mission. It's superior all-round to SMGs and Assault Rifle, is more accurate but less powerful than the Advanced Rifle. Also, it's more accurate but with a shorter range than the Combat MG.
In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, the Carbine Rifle can be customized with various attachments and tints by visiting an Ammu-nation store.
{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 600px;"
! scope="col"|Rounds & magazine
! scope="col"|GTA V
! scope="col"|GTA Online <small>(Unlock)</small>
|Rounds (60)
|Default clip (30 rounds)
|Default <small>(Rank 42)</small>
|Extended clip (60 rounds)
! colspan="3"|Attachments
|Grip (more stability, slightly increases accuracy)
|Flashlight (provides ilumination when aiming)
|Scope (mid-range zoom, slightly increases accuracy)
|Suppressor (silences but slightly reduces damage and range)
! colspan="3"|Tints
|Default <small>(Rank 42)</small>
|$5000 <small>(Kill 100 players)</small>
|$7500 <small>(Kill 200 players)</small>
|$? <small>(Kill 400 players)</small>
|$5750 <small>(Kill 600 players)</small>
|$7500 <small>(Rank 50)</small>
|$10000 <small>(Rank 75)</small>
|$12500 <small>(Rank 100)</small>
==In-Game Appearances==
In [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City]] it is used for the first time in [[Rub Out]], where Lance gives Tommy an M4 to kill [[Ricardo Diaz|Diaz]]. After the mission it can be bought at the [[Downtown]] [[Ammu-Nation]]. Then during [[Cop Land]], a police officer and two soldiers are seen using the rifles. They can also be seen at [[Fort Baxter Air Base]] being wielded by soldiers.
In [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]], the M4 is used by the army at a six star wanted level, during [[Black Project]], [[Up, Up and Away!]] and [[Vertical Bird]], and by some gangsters during [[End of the Line]].
It is a very rare weapon during the course of [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], being used only by [[Forelli Family]] hitmen in [[Love on the Rocks]] and by [[Massimo Torini|Massimo]]'s guards in [[The Sicilian Gambit]].
In [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]], it is used in various missions (most notably when Lance uses it in [[Blitzkrieg Strikes Again]]), and can be bought at [[Ammu-Nation]] upon unlocking [[Ocean Beach]] following [[From Zero to Hero]]. Soldiers at [[Fort Baxter Air Base]] can once again be seen wielding the rifle.
===In-Game models===
<gallery width="auto" perrow="3" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" columns="dynamic" orientation="none" spacing="small" widths="208">
Image:M16-GTA3.png|GTA III.
Image:M4-GTAVC.png|GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Liberty City Stories.
CamoM4-GTASA.PNG|[[Beta]] camo M16 from GTA San Andreas mission [[Stowaway]].
Image:AssaultRifle-GTAVCS.png|GTA Vice City Stories.
Image:CarbineRifle-GTA4.png|GTA IV.
CarbineRifle-GTAV-ingameModel.png|GTA V.
===HUD icons===
{| align="center"
|<gallery width="auto" perrow="3" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" columns="2" spacing="medium">
Image:M163HUD.jpg|Grand Theft Auto 3
Image:M4-GTAVC-icon.png|Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Image:M4-GTASA-icon.png|Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.
Image:M4-GTALCS-icon.png|Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
Image:CarbineRifle-GTA4-icon.png|Grand Theft Auto IV.
CarbineRifle-GTAV-icon.png|Grand Theft Auto V
<gallery width="auto" perrow="3" style="font-size:95%; padding:0;" columns="dynamic" orientation="none" spacing="small" widths="208">
M4A1_best_pic_evah1.jpg|[[Niko Bellic]] holding the Carbine Rifle.
Franklin reloading carbine rifle.jpg|[[Franklin Clinton]] reloading the Carbine Rifle
Michael-with-M16-GTAV.jpg|[[Michael De Santa]] with a fully modified Carbine Rifle.
===GTA III===
*[[Rockford]], [[Staunton Island]] - Available to buy from [[Phil Cassidy|Phil Cassidy's]] [[Phil's Army Surplus|Army Surplus]] after completion of [[Arms Shortage]].
*[[Bedford Point]], Staunton Island - In the walled off area in the southeast part of the [[Liberty Tree]] Offices, where the mission [[Kingdom Come]] takes place. (Use the nearby [[Moonbeam]], park it by the lowest part of the wall, climb the Moonbeam, and jump over the wall to access).
*[[Cedar Grove]], [[Shoreside Vale]] - On the back porch of the pink house (fourth from the west) at The Homes.
*[[Cochrane Dam]], Shoreside Vale - Near the top of the stairs for the west dam platform (not the top of the Cochrane Dam power house) at the base of the Cochrane Dam.
*Delivered to [[Safehouses in GTA III|safehouses]] after collecting 90 [[Hidden Packages]].
===GTA Vice City===
*[[Prawn Island]] - In Studio B (behind the moon lander) at the [[InterGlobal Films]] complex.
*[[Starfish Island]] - In the small room at the bottom of the [[Vercetti Estate|Vercetti Estate's]] stairwell east of the main entrance after the completion of [[Rub Out]].
*[[Downtown Vice City|Downtown]] - Available to buy from [[Ammu-Nation]] after completion of [[Rub Out]] ($5,000).
*[[Little Haiti]] - In the middle of a cluster of shacks in the center of the North [[Haitian]] Neighborhood (just south of [[Auntie Poulet|Auntie Poulet's]] house behind the house with the [[Voodoo]] in front).
*[[Little Havana]] - At the west side of the red and white building directly across the street west of [[Cafe Robina]] ( where Tommy took [[Phil Cassidy|Phil]] to during [[Boomshine Saigon]] ).
*[[Fort Baxter]] - Wasting some of the [[Military|Soldiers]] will give a decent amount of M4 ammo.
[[File:M4-LocationsMap-GTASA.jpg|thumb|M4's locations map]]
===GTA San Andreas===
*[[Los Santos International Airport]], [[Los Santos]] - Next to the runway, there are three white and yellow striped "ramps". Between those which are placed at the end of the runway.
*[[Palisades]], [[San Fierro]] - Behind the northernmost house next to the beach.
*[[Area 69]], [[Bone County]] - Behind a staircase leading to a control tower.
*[[Pilgrim]], [[Las Venturas]] - On the roof of the hotel.
*[[The Four Dragons Casino]], Las Venturas - In front of the casino if all 50 [[Horseshoes]] are collected.
===GTA Liberty City Stories===
*[[Newport]], [[Staunton Island]] - Among the containers at the docks and east of an [[Unique Stunt Jumps|unique stunt jump]]. It's located between the containers that are placed towards the [[Big Shot Casino]].
*[[Bedford Point]], Staunton Island - Available to purchase from [[Phil Cassidy's Fully Cocked Gun Shop]] for $5,400 once the player beats the mission "[[Friggin' the Riggin']]".
*Available at each [[Safehouses in GTA Liberty City Stories|safehouses]] after collecting 90 hidden packages.
===GTA Vice City Stories===
*[[Vice Point]] - Behind the building next to northernmost [[Empire Building|empire site]].
*[[North Point Mall|Vice Point Mall]], Vice Point - Available to buy from [[Ammu-Nation]] for $5,400 but the price is decreased to $4,050 when the player beats [[Phil's Shooting Range]].
*[[Fort Baxter]] - Killing soldiers will make them drop their weapons.
===GTA IV===
It can be purchased from the back-alley gun shops for [[Money|$]]5,000 and each additional magazine will cost $100. It can be purchased from [[Little Jacob]] for $3,500 with each additional magazine costing $70. The Carbine Rifle can also be acquired from [[NOOSE]] Tactical Response Unit Officers, [[FIB]] Agents and certain [[LCPD in GTA IV Era|LCPD]] Officers, specifically those who guard places of high security such as [[Statue of Happiness|The Statue of Happiness]].
*[[Bohan Industrial]] - Can be found in one of the offices inside the abandoned warehouse where the player rescues [[Roman Bellic|Roman]] from the mission [[Hostile Negotiation]].
*[[Algonquin Bridge]] - Can be found atop the roof of the Pedestrian Walkway on the [[Algonquin]] side, from the subway tunnel entrance.
*[[Easton]] - Can be found well-hidden behind some trash cans on the east side of [[Grand Easton Terminal]]. The trash cans can be reached quickly through an alley on [[Jade Street|Jade St]].
*[[Leftwood]] - Can be found underneath the pier where the strip mall is situated off [[Beaverhead Ave]]nue. The strip mall can be seen from the cliff where [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] [[Executions|executes]] [[Aiden O'Malley]] during the mission [[Tunnel of Death|Tunnel Of Death]].
*[[Tudor]] - Can be found in a small loading dock area on the north side of the old [[Sprunk]] factory.
*Tudor - Can be found atop the northern superstructure of the old rail bridge that spans the river which divides [[Tudor]] and the [[Acter Industrial Park]].
===GTA V===
*Can be bought at [[Ammu-Nation]] after completing [[The Jewel Store Job]], however the cost is unknown.
===GTA Online===
*It can be bought at [[Ammu-Nation]] at level 42
*Alternatively it can be obtained for free by going to the Army Base and killing members of the military, or by visiting the airport in [[South Los Santos]] from some police officers (To keep the rifle after leaving a lobby you are required to be level 42, as if you don't meet that requirement you will lose it once you leave).
*Spawns at waves 4+ during a Survival, and common among enemies at higher levels.
*In the [[Playstation|Playstation 2]] version of [[Grand Theft Auto III|GTA III]], the M16 has a green aiming cursor, but in the [[PC]], [[Xbox]] and mobile versions of the game, the green cursor is replaced by a circle and a dot.
*Strangely, the M4 in GTA IV has two reload animations. When Niko is standing while reloading, he will pull the charging handle, but when crouching while reloading, he takes "out" the magazine, puts "another" in and pulls the charging handle. There is no confirmed reason for why there are two reload animations, but it is speculated that it is for balancing reasons, as the player is much more effective while crouched. This oddity is also present on the [[AK-47]].
*<span style="line-height:21px;">In GTA IV, the bottom of the Carbine Rifle's magazine is stamped with the words "Stop Chillin Start Killin".</span>
*There is an artwork of Michael holding an M4 CQBR with an M68 CCO red dot sight and sound supressor. However said weapon never appears in-game.
*The GTA V version of this weapon appears to be based around a DDM4 Upper receiver.
*When customized with a scope attachment, the iron sights are not removed or flipped down; this is highly impractical as the iron sights would obstruct the viewing field of the scope.  This is probably an oversight by Rockstar.
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