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{{Template:Unreleased}}{{Template:Infobox vehicles
#REDIRECT [[Carbon RS]]
|name = CarbonRS
|front_image = CarbonMotorcycle-GTAV.jpeg
|image_size = 275
|caption = [[Franklin]] as can be seen riding a CarbonRS with a skull helmet.
|vehicle_type = Civilian mototrcycle
|body_style = Sportbike
|capacity = 2 (rider and passenger)
|appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto V]]
|manufacturer = Unknown
|Location = Garage}}{{Template:Stub}} The '''CarbonRS''' is a motorbike featuring in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
The bike's design appears to be insipred by the Italian styling featured on the [[wp:Ducati_1199|Ducati 1199]]. The bike appears to have a body that is made entirely from [[wp:Carbon-fiber-reinforced_polymer|CFRP.]]
{{Template:Vehicle Stats
|Engine = n/a
|Drivetrain = Chain-driven rear
|Gears = n/a
|Mass = n/a|0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time = n/a
|Top speed = n/a}}
8982818043_f153a10a43_c.jpg|Rear of the CarbonRS in [[GTA V]].
*<span style="line-height:21px;">The CarbonRS is an upcoming [[Vehicles in GTA V|vehicle in GTA V]] and is exclusive to those who purchase the [[Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition|collector's edition]] of the game and can be found parked within an unmentioned garage along with the </span>[[Hotknife]]<span style="line-height:21px;">.</span>
*This would be the first vehicle in the [[Grand Theft Auto series]] to feature full CFRP body construction.
[[de:CarbonRS (V)]]
[[Category:Vehicles in GTA V]]
[[Category:Sport Bikes]]

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