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{{Infobox vehicles
#REDIRECT [[Carbon RS]]
| name = Carbon RS
| front_image = CarbonRS-GTAV-Front.png
| image_size = 300
| caption = A Carbon RS in [[Grand Theft Auto V|GTA V]]
| vehicle_type = Civilian motorcycle
| body_style = Sport bike
| capacity = 2 <small>(rider and passenger)</small>
| appearances = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''
| manufacturer = [[Nagasaki]]
| related = [[Bati Custom]]
The [[Nagasaki]] '''Carbon RS''' is a sport bike featured in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''. It is available exclusively to players who bought the [[Grand Theft Auto V/Editions|Collector's Edition]].
== Design ==
The bike's design appears to be inspired by the Italian styling featured on the [[wp:Ducati_1199|Ducati 1199]] and [[wp:EBR_1190RS|EBR 1190RS]]. The bike also has a body that is made entirely from [[wp:Carbon-fiber-reinforced_polymer|CFRP.]]
== Performance ==
{{Template:Vehicle Stats
|Engine = 999 cm3
|Drivetrain = Chain-driven rear
|Gears = n/a
|Mass = n/a|0-62mph/ 0-100km/h time = 3,2
|Top speed = 190 mph/ 306 kph}}
CarbonMotorcycle-GTAV.jpeg|[[Franklin Clinton|Franklin]] riding the Carbon RS.
8982818043_f153a10a43_c.jpg|Rear of the Carbon RS in [[GTA V]].
*For players who have the [[Grand Theft Auto V/Editions|Collector's Edition]], the vehicle can be found, along with the [[Hotknife]], in each character's away-from-home garage. It can also be purchased for free in [[Grand Theft Auto Online|GTA Online]] from [[]]. For those who do not own the Collector's Edition, the bike is listed as "Out of Stock."
== Video ==
[[File:GTA 5 Collectors Edition - Carbon RS - HD 720p|thumb|center|480 px]]
== Trivia ==
* This is the first vehicle in the [[Grand Theft Auto series]] to feature full CFRP body construction.
* This vehicle's paint job cannot be changed.
* The wheel colors on the Carbon RS had a glitch where they could be purchased, but did not take effect, leaving the wheels unchanged. This was later fixed as of the 1.02 patch.
* When finishing a race in the Carbon RS, the dot on the leaderboard at the side of the vehicle's name shows that it's paintjob is white, even though it is not customizable and the default paintjob is black.
== Navigation ==
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