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"It's no shock that a country in which a man had no qualms about dressing in a canary-yellow thong would know how to produce vehicles that get you noticed. The Carbonizzare is the ultimate sports car for the millionaire who wants people to know that they're a millionaire." description.

The Grotti Carbonizzare is a grand tourer making its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The car's design draws clear inspiration from British-Italian styling found on the Aston Martin V12 Zagato and Ferrari F12  for the rear fascia, front and rear quarter paneling, along with the almost identical wheel design as the Aston. The headlights, front bumper ducts and integrated LED daytime running lights appear near identical to those of the TranStar Racing Dagger GT. The car's convertible feature is based on that of the Ferrari California, while the Aston Martin V12 Zagato doesn't feature any folding roof mechanism.

The front end of this car is created with a range of lines and curves. The front bumper features a large central intake, spanning half the car's width. Either side of this intake, there is a smaller intake with an 8 LED, daytime running lamp strip adjacent to the top edge. The car features quadrilateral shaped headlamp units which have a strip of 10 LED's along the lower part of the inner edge. The outer area features three circular lamps, the highest one being the amber turning indicator lamp. The bonnet/hood features impressed areas whose edges are parallel to the inner edges of the headlamp units. The front quarter panels are dominated by the presence of a large air intake with a chrome strip near its top edge.

The main body of the car has a high prevalence of curves. The A pillars of the car are covered with a black polymer. There are black wing mirrors mounted just below the A pillars at the front of the door. The greenhouse features a a very curvy lower window line. It also features a very smooth and elegant C pillar area. The rear quarter area bulges outwards and is wider than the main body area, and much wider than the rear of the greenhouse. The rear quarter area has an upper edge that follows the shape of the rear wheel arch. The car features a tan coloured interior.

The rear is both smooth and sharp in areas. At the top of the car's rear face, on the corners are the tail-lamp units, being an almost semi-circle cutout. Inset in the cutout are two circular lamps. The rear bumper of the car features very curved side edges, making more of the rear tyres visible. The lower area of the rear bumper is dominated by the presence of a distinct aerodynamic formation. The formation is split into two levels, the upper level features circular exhaust tips, one either side of the license plate. The bottom level features a large seven-blade CFRP diffuser.


This car features a front-mounted V8 engine, similar to that of a Ferrari California. It has a dual-clutch transmission (possibly 7-speed, can be detected by how the car shifts through gears). Although the Carbonizzare has excellent acceleration and speed, it is prone to oversteer or spin out when turning at high speeds. Durability is among the best, being able to take a lot of damage before the engine stalls.

GTA V Overview

Source Acceleration
(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)
Top Speed
(mph / km/h)
(Capacity + Layout + Fuel)
Number + Type
(Kg / lb)

(i.e. Game data definitions, or claimed in-game.)

3.5 Seconds (Website) 198 / 318 (Website)
158 / 254 (handling.dat)

5.0L (Website)



1600 / 3527

(i.e. recorded on In-game speedometer.)

4.1 Seconds 125 / 201

FR Naturally Aspirated V8



Mass cannot be observed.

Modifications (GTA V)

  • Stock options and performance upgrades (brakes, suspension, etc.) excluded
Type Upgrade Cost (Story) Cost (Online)
Exhaust Dual Exit Exhaust $375
Hood Carbon Hood $1500
Spoiler Mid Level Spoiler $3750
High Level Spoiler 45000




  • Carbonizzare is Italian for "to carbonize".
  • In the screenshot where this car first appeared, it had no windscreen wipers.
  • Also, in the same screenshot, it had six spoke wheels, but interestingly, the outer part of the wheel hub is visible, meaning that the wheel has been inset too far into the body, or has not been correctly modeled to fit this car.
  • The default radio station for Carbonizzare are:


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