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'''Carson Avenue''' is a street in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
'''Carson Avenue''' is a street in [[Grand Theft Auto V]].

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Carson Avenue is a street in Grand Theft Auto V.

Carson starts as an offshoot of Innocence Boulevard near the intersection with Alta Street in Strawberry and runs south-east through the city of Davis before ending at the junction of Dutch London Street and El Rancho Boulevard in Rancho, Los Santos. Pedestrians and drivers share the road with the LST red line, which runs down the center of Carson before descending into subway tunnels at Brouge Avenue.

Notable locations on Carson include the BJ Smith Recreational Center, the Herr Kutz Barber Shop, and the Davis Station stop of the Los Santos Transit Authority rail line.

North of Strawberry Ave is Families territory, while the Ballas maintain a light presence between Davis Ave and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard; the southern third of Carson is heavily defended Los Santos Vagos territory.

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