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Casey redirects here. For the character in GTA London 1969 & 1961, see Mick Casey.

Casey is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Casey is a worker for Gruppe 6 security who is forced to help Michael and Trevor during the heist in the mission "The Big Score."

In "The Big Score," Casey is introduced for the first time, after he and three other Gruppe 6 workers' Securicars are forced to stop due to spike strips set down in the street by Michael, as planned for the heist. The workers are then pulled out of their cars and held at gunpoint by Michael, Trevor, and two of the crew members that were chosen for the heist. Michael then learns Casey's name and tells him to get into the truck and to stop whimpering, explaining his welfare being determined by his cooperation.

While driving towards Union Depository, Casey begins to panic and Michael tells him that he is not the one who should be afraid, considering he is about to rob the bank holding the largest amount of money in the United States of America. After hearing that, Casey began to panic even more. Michael continues to tell him to remain calm and be useful. Michael uses Casey to get past a guard at Union Depository by having him show the guard his ID. 

While opening the vault in the bank, Casey seems nervous and shaken up, with complete knowledge that he is about to open a vault and let criminals leave the bank with tons of gold. After the crew loads the trucks with the gold, Casey says that he doesn't feel well, trying to avoid going along with the heist any longer, but Michael and Trevor bring Casey back along with them in a passive-aggressive fashion, blaming his "illness" on overindulgence of alcohol, because they distrust him and don't want him to notify the police about their plans.

As Michael and Trevor reach the others to load the gold onto the Gauntlets, Trevor holds Casey at gunpoint and threatens to kill him, but Michael convinces Trevor to spare him, and he tosses a brick of gold worth $300,000 at Casey for his cooperation in the job, telling him that if he ever tells anybody what happened, they will claim it was Casey's idea in tribunal. Casey then runs off with a somewhat terrified smile on his face.


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