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Cash in Kazuki's Chips

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"My men dishonor me... but it is fitting that I kill you myself. You two! Leave us! I am going to enjoy thrusting my sword into you."
— Kasuki Kasen.

Cash in Kazuki's Chips is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Toshiko Kasen, the wife of Yakuza leader Kazuki Kasen, from her apartment in Torrington, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Toshiko informs Toni that now Kazuki knows of their actions, he is coming to kill both of them. Toni decides to kill Kazuki before he arrives and goes to a compound in Belleville Park, where is ambushed by Yakuza gang members coming from the compound and from Yakuza Stingers. Toni manages to escape, killing them all, but Kazuki escapes in a helicopter, flying to his casino in Torrington. Toni follows him and kills the Yakuza men guarding the casino. On the roof of the casino, Kazuki challenges Toni to a sword fight, which Toni wins. Toni returns to Toshiko's apartment, where a distraught Toshiko realizes what she has done. Wanting to be truly free she kills herself, by falling out of her apartment window, landing on a car below.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Head over to Kazuki's place and kill him
  • Kill Kazuki's Guards
  • Kazuki's chopper is heading for the Casino
  • Look out - here come more Yakuza
  • Kill Kazuki
  • Go to Toshiko's apartmant


The reward for completing the mission is $4,000 and, if the player has also completed No Money, Mo' Problems, the mission Bringing the House Down is unlocked.


  • Kazuki Kasen - Killed by Toni on Toshiko's order for neglating her.
  • Toshiko Kasen - Kills herself after learning of her husband's death and to be free.


Video walkthrough

GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Cash in Kazuki's Chips07:33

GTA Liberty City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 62 - Cash in Kazuki's Chips

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