Cashing Out is a VIP challenge, in which the VIP/CEO competes against the rest of their organization, aka Bodyguards/Associates. The objective of the challenge is to hack as many ATM's as possible, which are located around the city. Each ATM has different hacking minigame, familiar from various other jobs in GTA Online. If taken too long with the hacking, the LSPD (or some times the Blaine County Sheriff) will attack the player, however they will never shoot the player while they're in the hacking minigame.


  • Look for places with multiple ATMs close by. One of such places is Vanilla Unicorn.
  • The ATMs can only be hacked once during a single challenge in a single session. To hack one specific again, do the challenge again.
  • It is possible to use Lester to evade cops during the challenge.