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Casing the Jewel Store

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"Michael and Lester scout out a Jewellers in Little Portola."

Casing the Jewel Store is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by Lester Crest.

First, Michael has to drive to the Vangelico Jewel Store. Once on location, Lester instructs him to walk in and use a pair of camera-glass to take pictures of the displays, ventilation and alarm system.

Afterwards, the player must drive around the block and go upstairs to the roof via a building in renovation in order to scout for the store's ventilation sources.

Back at the garment factory, Lester sets up a planning board and offers two ways to execute the heist to Michael : 

Choosing the smart approach will unlock the following setup missions :

  • Bugstars Equipment
  • BZ Gas Grenades


The following characters are available to complete Michael, Lester and Franklin's crew.

  • Gustavo Mota
  • Norm Richards (If chosen, he misses and drops a lot of diamonds bringing down your maximum take and will crash his dirtbike when going in the tunnels adding casualty expenses. It is however possible for Franklin to grab his bag while riding over it.)
  • Patrick McReary (If you've completed his Random Encounter)

Completion - Gold

  • Complete within 08:00
  • Capture all 3 security features in one picture



  • At the beginning of the mission, Michael says that there need to be a crew, stating that he could "round up some of the old guys". Lester tells him there there are no old guys. After he mentions some of the old crew members, he also mentions an Eastern European guy who was "making moves in Liberty City". This is a reference to Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV.

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