Catalina's Hideout is a safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located down a dirt road in Fern Ridge, Red County.


It is apparently the home of Catalina while she stays in San Andreas. It contains a save spot in front of the house. It also triggers four missions in four towns in the countryside. The interior of the house is inaccessible to the player, but during a cutscene for one mission, Carl and Catalina are inside, where they can be heard having sex.

Interestingly enough, there are makeshift graves to the left of the cabin, with a shovel, implying the fate of anyone who crosses Catalina.

The hideout is nearly invisible when looking up at Fern Ridge from various areas in Red County. It is hidden by large trees and a strategically placed spot on the ridge. It can only be seen by camera from places like Hilltop Farm and the road bridge located below Fern Ridge.

Mission Appearances


  • To the right of the house, there is a Buffalo parked and unlocked.