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Description Bohan, the low-profit, trash filled, and gang-filled location in northeast Liberty. Bohan is the area of Liberty City that most accurately depicts the typical American low-profit section of town. If one wishes to throw political correctness out the windows...the "ghetto". With a large abundance of prostitutes and slow walking thugs at night and massive shadows cast across the streets during the day from the project skyscrapers Bohan is a very ugly burrow. Cars tend to be much older in style, with many muscle and rusty cars.

Game influence

South Bohan is the location of Niko and Roman's 2nd safehouse. It is also the place of many missions through Elizabeta and Manny. "The streets man!". The burrow is accessible by 3 bridges to the North, NW, and SW. 2 of which are toll bridges. Bohan is also the location where one of 2 strip joints in the game are located for all you perverts out there. Bohan is also the proclaimed birth place of hip-hop.

Bohan is cold hard place where the only way you'll make it out alive is with a pistol and plenty of ammo.

'Save the Streets!"

-R.I.P. Manny
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