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This category contains entries concerning Grand Theft Auto locations.
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[[Category:Grand Theft Auto]]
{{info|'''New Locations Categorizing Policy'''
*Main cities (e.g. [[Liberty City]]) should go in this category ([[:Category:Locations]]) and [[:Category:Cities]]
*All places of interest (buildings, companies, checkpoints) should go in the ''games'' category (e.g. [[:Category:Locations in GTA San Andreas]])
*All towns, villages and permanent or natural features should go in that main ''city's'' category [[:Category:Vice City]]
**Try to subcategorize within these, e.g. [[:Category:San Fierro]], [[:Category:Safehouses in GTA San Andreas]] etc
**For differing renditions of cities, simply add the game's name for ''every'' rendition: [[:Category:Liberty City in GTA IV]] / [[:Category:Liberty City in GTA III]] / [[:Category:Liberty City in GTA 1]]
''If you would like to discuss these conventions, please discuss them on the [[:Category talk:Locations|talk page]]''
[[Category:Grand Theft Auto]][[Category:Geography]]

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