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This category contains pages about unofficial modifications for the Grand Theft Auto series. Anything placed here must have the corresponding template: {{Mod screenshot}}.  Adding, and  without cheats or trainers..

Why you ask? Why not!!!

The files you will need to edit will NOT affect any saved games, or new games, these include story, and non story line missions. So you can make these mods without worry. I say again they do not effect your game, the files are data files and can easily be edited with windows "notepad".  Modding these files do not count as "cheats" so if you have a cheat free game it will stay that way.

As always backup any of the files into a folder on your desktop, name it what you will for this I will use "GTA BACKUPS" Before I go any further you will be asking yourself or me as you read on, why I picked the Airport to spawn the two vehicles. I had experimented with this on the streets and found numerous problems most improtantly. 1. Normal vehilces that spawn randomly would no longer spawn, in fact it was identical if not similar to the  Mission.. 2. I gave these vehicles to the Grove Families which became a nightmare, it is almost impossible to drive around the streets in a normal vehilce, these two vehicles take up far to much room. 

These vehicles will spawn at all airprts LS, SF, LV.

GTA San Andreas\data---- For the folder.. Inside there you will look for "CARGRP" and "PEDS"

For the CARGRP you will add, or just to Make it easier, copy and paste this line to your cargrp file, you need to make sure it is the Aircrew Runway line that you this to. Do not just paste it anywhere.

baggage, tug, forklift, swatvan, fbitruck    # POPCYCLE_GROUP_AIRCREW_RUNWAY

If you only want the SWATVAN and FBITRUCK then deltete out the "baggage" "tug" and "forklift", I tend to have fun with those vehicles so I left them in the file.

PEDS.ide file we are going to change a few lines around, nothing major..

7, male01, male01, CIVMALE, STAT_TOUGH_GUY



If you read thru the PEDS file you will see different listings like Cowrad, Civil, Street, ect...

Why do these need to be tough guys? The doors are lokced on these vehicles, I am guessing it is hard coded or in the script code, that any emergency vehicles doors be locked with Police, Medics, or Firefighters, including Military, and FBI. Even tho these are regular peds the door are still locked,  you will need to punch the vehicle, and or use a melee weapon, baseball bat, night stick, shovel, golf club, knife. This will upset the drivers and they will get out to fight you for banging up da ride. Even if they get back into the vehicle the doors will remain unlocked. Or you could beat the driver to death and steal the vehilce.

Another thing that has been reported on.. The SWAT Van and FBI Truck are not fireproof, bulletproof, or damage proof. However the SWAT vans water noozle is fully functional, if you have done the firefighter sub-mission this works ithe same way. The FBI truck, if you notice the top appears as if it should have a gatling gun, or some type of large caliber automatic weapon mounted atop, however it does not, this is most disappointing, but the two vehicle are haevly reinforced with thick steal plates, they are able to take on more damage then most vheicles.

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