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So far not much is known about The State of San Andreas in the GTA V era, however it is expected to be very large based apon the original san andreas which it is based off of. It is possiable that the state of san andreas and its three cities may be broken up into three differant games featuring each one as the main city as the protagonist progresses. If this is true than we can expect to see the return of san fierro and las venturas in upcomming GTA games based in the order of the original san andreas game. The GTA V Era may hold all three cities but in separate games, which is most likely since they were once all in the same game and are as far as we know still existant in the state of san andreas. The fact that san andreas is a vast state and larger than any other GTA games by far may make it necessary to break it up into a series of three games. It seems like los santos in GTA V will cover a little of evertything in its surrounding enviroment, dessert, coast, mountains, and possiably forrest. It is possiable that at the end of the series that all three cities can be brought together into one game to form the largest GTA game ever, with a massive urban enviroment as well as a huge wilderness but that is way in the future and just speculation. Either way los santos is one of three cities which leads me as well as most to belive that GTA V is one massive supper game or the game will break up its cities.
[[Category:San Andreas in GTA V Era]]
[[Category:San Andreas in GTA V Era]]

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