All vehicles with Multiple Diffs. Diffs separate wheels from other wheels within the chassis, only a selected few have Multiple Diffs, these usually appear on super cars or off-road vehicles. A few vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto Series have multiple diffs.

Civilian Vehicles are fitted with Standard Diffs, which know which wheels need to be powered at what times depending on the angle of driving direction.

Sports Cars are fitted in-game with limited slip diffs, which helps the car to grip around corners, as well as slip slightly to allow quick maneuverability. The Adder and Zentorno are seen to be fitted with this in-game.

Off-Road and SUV Vehicles are fitted with locking diffs, which have the option to be turned on/off when travelling on rough terrain, powering all wheels when stuck on dirt or gravel. This can be seen effective in-game, such as the FQ 2 and Gresley, which doesn't power all wheels on-road at all times, but powers all wheels when travelling across grass and mud.