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Liberty City Police Department (LCPD) stations:

  • Portland View Police Station, Portland
  • Pike Creek Police Station, Shoreside Vale
  • Torrington Police Station, Staunton Island

Vice City Police Department (VCPD) stations:

  • Downtown Vice City Police Station, Downtown
  • Little Havana Police Station, Little Havana
  • Washington Beach Police Station, Washington Beach
  • Vice Point Police Station, Vice Point

Combined list of stations for Police Departments and Sheriff's Departments:

  • Pershing Square Police Station, Pershing Square, Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
  • Downtown San Fierro Police Station, Downtown, San Fierro Police Department (SFPD)
  • Roca Escalante Police Station, Roca Escalante, Las Venutras Police Department (LVPD)
  • Dillimore Police Station, Dillimore, Red County Sheriff's Department
  • Fort Carson Police Station, Fort Carson, Bone County Sheriff's Department
  • El Quebrados Police Station, El Quebrados, Bone County Sheriff's Department
  • Angel Pine Police Station, Angel Pine, Flint County Sheriff's Department

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