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The Cavern of Sorrow is a fictional role-playing game advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is a spoof of Dungeons & Dragons. During the commercial, an announcer says that Cavern of Sorrow "is not just a game but a secret society of special friends" and "Will you find the Cavern of Sorrow or will it find you?", in what seems to be a reference to the real danger of pedophiles talking to kids in online games.

Playback FM DJ Forth Right MC mentions having to get supplies for a Cavern of Sorrow marathon.


Mom: Mikey, where are you?

Mikey: Ha, you can’t see me, because my invisibility cloak is on!

Mom: Oh Mikey, stop drawing pentagrams on all the doors!

Announcer: The Cavern of Sorrow!

Man: It’s the fantasy game that’s sweeping the country. The Cavern of Sorrow. Learn about our exciting history and have fun, too!

Boy 1: I’m a holy warrior on a quest. I’ll kill you if you don’t believe like I do!

Boy 2: You can’t beat me, stupid! I’m invisible!

Boy 1: I got invisibility-seeing glasses, dumbass! Lod Zad the Wizard gave them to me, remember? Our adventure at Gash Canyon?

Announcer: The Cavern of Sorrow!

Man: Gather ye friends and embark on historical adventures.

Boy 2: I’ll cut your head off with my sword.

Boy 1: Oh no you won’t! I’ve got a metal neck, given to me by Gorath of Backdar! I got it when we traveled to the nether regions of Gorthback. There I had eight wives, forty-seven kids, and other concerns.

Boys (together): The Cavern of Sorrow!

Man: It’s not just a game, it’s a secret society of special friends. Will you find the Cavern of Sorrow? Or will it find you?

Announcer: The Cavern of Sorrow!


  • Felix Martinez on the support page of the website wrote that his mother was playing Cavern of Sorrow.
  • A cut ped is addicted to this game (his quotes can be found in the files).

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