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The DUDE Cement Truck is a large truck-based cement mixer in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Cement Truck is a cement mixer mounted on a large standard cab truck chassis. The vehicle is based on an International Harvester S-2500 truck and is heavy but powerful and once it accelerates to full speed, it is difficult to stop. The Cement Truck is also revealed to be unstable, often tipping over to its side on rough terrain.

The cement function is static, so it can not dispense any cement; however in one mission, a cutscene shows cement pouring out from the funnel at the rear of the truck. Although cement cannot be dispensed, the back barrel's rotating rate can be adjusted; this can affect the balance of the Cement Truck in some cases.


The Cement Truck retains the same performance as other trucks in game. It is a heavy vehicle and is incapable of doing sharp turns unless the hand brake is used.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


  • Cement trucks appear in GTA V; however, in that game they're called Mixer.
  • The default radio station in the Cement Truck is K-DST.
  • In most heavy duty trucks, the rear drive axles would normally come with double wheels than single wheel as seen in the GTA San Andreas Cement Truck.

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