Cerveza Barracho is a beer company in the HD Universe.


It sponsors the first segment of the Venturas Poker Challenge in Grand Theft Auto IV and the #34 Bati Custom motorcycle in The Lost and Damned. In Grand Theft Auto V, Cerveza Barracho beer bottles can be seen for sale in 24/7, Limited Service and Rob's Liquor convenience stores.


Cerveza Barracho is apparently a parody of the Mexican beer brand Corona. The brand could also be partially based on the fictional beer brand Cerveza Chango, which appears in most of the Robert Rodriguez's films, such as Desperado and Machete Kills. The Cerveza Chango sports a logo of a bull skull very similar to the one used in Barracho.



  • The name is a misspelling of "Cerveza Borracho", Spanish for "Drunkard Beer".
  • The logo resembles the Rebel Radio logo.
  • Trevor owns a shirt with the Cerveza Barracho logo on it.

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