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Chad Mulligan is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V


Mulligan is a successful Los Santos-based record producer who, at the time the game takes place, is undergoing a messy divorce and is at risk of losing a large portion of his estate. Because of this, he's been trying to hide some of his more valuable assets and transfer most of his money to untraceable overseas accounts. One of the assets he has tried hiding is a valuable Z-Type sports car, a multi-million dollar automobile of which there are only ten in existence.

During the game, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips are hired by Mulligan's former friend, billionaire hedge fund investor Devin Weston, to steal Mulligan's Z-Type so that he can sell it to a wealthy Chinese government official. Using an LSPD helicopter with a face recognition camera, Trevor finds Mulligan and then guides Franklin in a car chase across Hawick, where Franklin finally corners Mulligan in a multi-story parking garage.

Here, Franklin can choose to kill Mulligan or spare his life before stealing the car. If Mulligan is spared, he will call the police and Franklin will be forced to evade them before taking the car to Devin Weston. If Mulligan is killed, the authorities are not alerted of the theft.

Mission Appearances


  • An internet news article from Prattle after the mission By the Book says that Chad could be having an affair with Lacey Jonas.
  • Chad is the owner of two boats, eight houses, some exotic pets, a troupe of dwarfs, a ski hut and several collections that include rare cars, art, wine and watches.

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