Chamberlain Hills is a small neighborhood located in South inner city Los Santos. It is bordered by Strawberry to the north, La Puerta to the west, Davis to the east, and the Maze Bank Arena to the south.



Satellite view of the neighborhood.

Chamberlain Hills is a low-income neighbourhood with a high crime rate and ominous gang presence, and LSPD helicopters with searchlights often hover over the area. Its numerous alleyways and open doorways make it easy to escape on foot or hide from the police. The area exists of low-income housing projects mostly populated by gang members, such as Crystal Heights or the All Swell apartments. One business is however situated in the area, but is for rent.


The name Chamberlain Hills takes its influence from Baldwin Hills, while the neighborhood resembles the Baldwin Village (also known as "The Jungles") community in the Crenshaw district of South Central Los Angeles.

Gang control

The entire neighbourhood is controlled by the Families. This is also the main neighbourhood for the Chamberlain Gangsters set from The Families, and where the set originated from.

Notable residents


It is one of few neighbourhoods where the Strawberry Ave passes by. Chamberlain Hills doesn't have much other transport opportunities else than by road. Chamberlain Hills also contains half of Forum Drive.

Places of Interest


Roads and Streets



  • It is the home of one of the sets of The Families gang, the Chamberlain Gangsters Families.
  • The neighbourhood may have been named after Wilt Chamberlain, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1968−1973.
  • If Franklin walks near CGF members, they will greet him by saying things like, "What up Franklin!" or, "Hey what's good Franklin", and, "What's up Frank". This shows that Franklin must be well known and respected by members of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families due to his involvement with CGF. CGF members will attack Franklin however, if he harms any of the other CGF members.
  • Cats can be heard meowing or hissing here, but none are present.
  • In the mission Chop, Lamar mentions that nobody out here is gangbanging, and that it just looks like that.