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Chamberlain Hills is a small neighborhood in southern Los Santos. It is bordered by Strawberry to the north, La Puerta to the west, Davis to the east and Maze Bank Arena to the south. 


Chamberlain Hills is a low-income neighborhood with a high crime-rate and high gang activity. The area exists of low-income housing projects owned by gangs, such as Crystal Heights or the All Swell apartments. One
business is however situated in the area, but is for rent.

Events of GTA V


Chamberlain Hills takes its influence from Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw including the infamous "jungles" projects. 

Gang control

The entire neighborhood is controlled by the Families. This is also the main neighborhood for the Chamberlain Gangsters set from The Families, and where the set originated from.

Notable residents


It is one of few neighborhoods where the Strawberry Ave passes by. Chamberlain Hills doesnt have much other transport opportunities else than by road.

Places of interest

There is no specific location in the neighbourhood, else than being dominated by apartment buildings. However several random happenings can be encountered in the area.

Roads and Streets


  • It is the home of one of the two sets of The Families gang. The other being the Forum Drive set.



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