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"Real Punk. Real West Coast."
―GTA V Website

Channel X is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It plays punk rock and is hosted by the singer Keith Morris.


  • Youth Brigade - Blown Away
  • The Germs - Lexicon Devil
  • The Weirdos - Life of Crime
  • Black Flag - My War
  • Descendents - Pervert
  • Circle Jerks - Rock House
  • T.S.O.L*- Abolish Government/Silent Majority
  • Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal
  • Fear - The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble with Women IS)
  • Adolescents - Amoeba
  • Agent Orange - Bored of You
  • Off! - What's Next

See also

  • Radio X, a radio station in GTA San Andreas that plays alternative rock.

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