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Chasing the Truth is a Stranger mission in GTA V given to Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program.

Michael meets Marnie Allen and her friend Jimmy Boston in Grapeseed. They give him a device that they say is used to find extraterrestrials. Michael roams around and after many attempts eventually finds an old boot. Michael claims that he is 110% positive that it is what they are looking for and decides to end the search there. Marnie then tells him that he needs to now donate $10,000 to the Epsilon Program website.

Gold Requirement

Michael must not use the detector to find the object.

Cultural References

  • The detector used in this mission bears a strong resemblance to the P.K.E. Meter, a device used in the Ghostbusters franchise to detect ghosts. Specifically, it shares many features with the version seen in the Real Ghostbusters animated series (T-shaped antenna at the top with waggling arms, readout with dials and buttons below it, dial(s) on the side), but with a more streamlined, modern appearance.

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